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My name is Kevin Fagaragan, a Filipino American Artist from Aurora, Illinois. 
I graduated with a BA degree at the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 2015. 
My interests and skills lie in illustration and storyboarding for animated cartoons!


I've contributed my artwork to many projects, ranging from creating various merchandise for video games big and small, working with several YouTube Influencers, and storyboarding for fun animated cartoons.  



  • Pencilmation: Freelance Storyboard Artist

  • AntDude: Thumbnail Artist

  • PeanutButterGamer: Thumbnail Artist

  • JaidenAnimations: Thumbnail Artist

-Designed products for IPs and Content Creators such as​​

  • A Hat In Time

  • Cuphead

  • Bomberman

  • Astro Boy/Tezuka Productions

  • Scott The Woz

  • Nitro Rad

  • The Completionist

  • Caddicarus


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  • LinkedIn

Business Inquiries 

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